Discovering The City of Marrakesh

Discovering The City of Marrakesh

The wonderful Moroccan city of Marrakesh has a history of attracting people from all the world towards it be it, Leonardo di Caprio or Madonna. After Fez, it the most important city in Morocco.


Marrakesh has a medina radiating with life much like other Moroccan cities. The medina in North African cities is a section of the city that is usually walled. Interestingly the word Medina means the ‘city’ itself. The medina in Marrakesh consisting of narrow streets is filled with food stalls and workshops of the artisans. This old walled section of the city was founded in 1062. It is encircled by a nine-meter mud-brick wall having a length of for around twenty kilometers. In this section of the city, you will easily find people still using donkeys and artisans practicing their ancestral art.

The best time to visit the medina is in the evening when one will find it filled with numerous food stalls, performers, and even storytellers. Negotiating with the artisans is also very interesting in these markets and you will usually see a spat of prices thrown at each other by the shopkeepers and the customers. It is always advised to be informed of the prices beforehand if you intend to purchase something from there. It is not unusual for the sellers to try to sell their products for a very higher price than their actual worth.

Another important feature of the medina is the very distinct mark of culture that will make you stunned with awe. It is all breathtaking including the smokes coming from a food stall to the prayer call announced from the minarets.

Walking in this part of the world you will never distinguish among the homes of poor and wealthy. External display of wealth is especially discouraged in the Berber culture. Outside the walls of the medina is the New city which is filled with all the luxuries of the contemporary world be it a five-star hotel or the supermarkets.

Apart from the nice food and interesting places, Marrakesh offers several other places of interest too. One among them is the Ben Youssef Madrasa. The architecture of this madrasa is a very fine example of Hispano-Moresque architecture. It once was the largest Islamic school in the region.

A few other places of interest include the Photography museum of Marrakesh, Bahia Palace, and the rooftop bar of the Pearl Hotel. In the museum and the rooftop bar, you will enjoy a splendid experience of rooftop lunch. Bahia Palace is a splendid example of eastern architecture.

Apart from all these, we recommend visiting Hammam while you are in Marrakesh. You need not worry about the cleanliness of these Hammams because you will find them as clean as it gets.