Moroccan Arts and Handicrafts

Moroccan Arts and Handicrafts

If you are an art admirer who loves to collect trinkets then a lazy stroll through the gallery displaying Moroccan handicrafts is bound to leave you dazzled. Moroccan articles are beautiful masterpieces of art produced by hand which exhibit a synthesized mix of Mediterranean, African, Andalusian, and the Middle East culture.

The precise handwork of the craftsmen that goes into creating these spellbinding handicrafts is commendable. Each article is created meticulously and is a result of hours of hard work. While creating these masterpieces the craftsmen colorfully emboss leather and other materials and transform them into a variety of products. These pieces are further adorned with geometric or arabesques patterns or with stylized flowers and stars to attract the attention of buyers.

Some of the items that you want to check out while looking at Moroccan handicrafts are-


The Moroccan jewelry features large neckpieces that are created from silver bracelets and coins and feature baroque and Berber symbolic patterns. These traditional necklaces are really beautiful and were originally used to adorn brides for their weddings.

Another popularized Moroccan jewelry piece consists of gold and other precious stones like rubies and emeralds and displays a hand or Fatima, which is believed to ward off the evil eye, at the center.


If you are looking at Morrocan artifacts for something to decorate your house with then the Moroccan lanterns that are available in a variety of shapes and sizes are a perfect choice. These lanterns that are created from copper platters will adorn your house for years to come. These pretty little lanterns that feature bright yellow, green and red colors dazzle in the night sky and create a relaxed and romantic atmosphere for people. But if you are not a lantern person then you don’t need to worry, because in that case, you can also look for Moroccan lamps and candle holders to beautify your house.

       Wood carvings

The twuia wood that is only found on the south coast is another specialty of the Moroccan handicrafts. The artisans here use this wood to carve out chess boards, plates, sculptors, children’s toys or tiny little boxes to keep prized possessions.

       Metal Work

The beautiful brass and copper utensils that gives one a feel as if they have been transported back in time are again something that interests the buyers. You can find trays, ashtrays, incense burners, door knockers, sugar boxes, teapots along a variety of other utensils for your kitchen.


Moroccan hand embroidery is well-known in the world for its henna inspired patterns. This hand embroidery usually comes in four types. These are Rabat embroidery which is mostly done on white cotton and focuses upon one colour embroidered in decorated silk, the popular gold thread embroidery which is usually done on leather, silk and velvet clothing and used for festive occasions, the fez embroidery which mainly uses blue and green colours and features no knots or tangles and lastly the Berber embroidery which uses bright colours on dark backgrounds to create unique designs and patterns.

So, these are some of the popular and beautiful Moroccan handicrafts that entice the onlookers and even compel the non-shopaholics to make a purchase!