The Best Shopping Cultural Features of Moroccan Arts and Crafts

The Best Shopping Cultural Features of Moroccan Arts and Crafts

If you will visit Morocco you will be amazed to find the traditional pieces of arts and crafts that adore the streets here. While examining the Moroccan crafts and exploring the souks of Fez and Marrakech you will feel like you have been transported back in time since hardly a little has changed here from what used to be 1000 years ago when the Andalusian refugees introduced it.

The crafts sold here are divided into groups based on the type and the finer crafts are situated close to the mosque. The awe-inspiring crafts here are a result of the hard training of the craftsmen. Each craftsman here initially works as an apprentice for several years under the master craftsmen. Till the time he has developed the mental resources and skills needed to excel in his task, he is not allowed to work alone. 

So if you go on a shopping spree in Morocco then from the variety of options that you can purchase from the markets of Marrakech and Fez, the absolute best souvenirs that you should have your eyes set on are-


The carpets that you will find in these marketplaces are so unique and amazing that sometimes experts can tell not only about the area where they were produced but also about the particular tribe or family who created it. The designs on these carpets are generally Turkish inspired or predominantly Berber. The symbols and motifs carved on it beautify its appearance. That is why these carpets can cost up to1000 dirhams. But don’t worry if your budget does not allow for such an expensive purchase, because on a closer look you can also find more affordable and easily transportable Berber rugs in the small country souks around Marrakech.


The leather goods that you can find in the markets of Morocco can entice your heart. But make sure to check the hide and workmanship of the product before purchasing it in order to be sure that you are buying an original and quality product. Your options in the leather purchase are widespread and you can choose to buy anything from unpolished leather bags, to belts to pointed slippers also known as babouches. 


Marquetry which is a traditional handicraft refers to the creation of wooden furniture, small boxes, chess boards, ornaments, etc. These handicrafts are created from the woods from oak, cedar, and thuya trees. Small boxes and mirror frames in Morrocan crafts are inlaid with camel bones while some other wooden handicrafts are inlaid with veneers or mother of pearl to add strength and beauty.


The perfumes found In the Moroccan markets are traditional scents that have musk, amber, orange flower, or patchouli fragrance. These are usually found in pure essential oil forms in the souks of Fez and Marrakech.


If you are interested in pottery then in Morocco you can find some inspiring pieces of pottery artwork. You can find here plain and simple household pots and crockery and also the beautiful and intricate pieces of earthenware designed and painted in blue, white or green colours. For refined pieces of pottery you can roam in the markets of Fez while Safi is more famous for its green coloured pottery artworks.

So, what one amongst them are you going to buy?